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friends-leaflet-2005-1cThe Friends of Christ Church Cathedral Dublin is one of the oldest such organisations in these islands. Founded in 1929, they evolved from needs of the cathedral community to raise funds for the upkeep of the cathedral as the Endowment Funds had in the recent years been falling financially short of the amount required of them. The Board’s reports for the years preceding these constantly mention that “it is only by voluntary contributions that the unavoidable expenses of maintenance can be met” and regularly asked the assistance of the parishes of the united dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough. Resulting from this, an appeal was launched for help for the Special Repair Fund of the Cathedral, which the Dean signed on behalf of the Board and which was addressed to the Incumbents and Parochial Treasurers in the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough and to other friends throughout Ireland.

In recent years the support of the Friends has allowed the fabric of the Cathedral to be maintained to a very high standard. Visitors will notice the organ of the Cathedral, installed in 1984 and cleaned and revoiced in recent years. The purchase of the oak chairs in the nave and the restoration of the crypt and treasury, the releading of some of the windows and the cleaning of the exterior stonework were all projects that were supported by both the Friends and individual donors to whom the Cathedral community is grateful. The support of the Friends of Christ Church Cathedral plays a vital role in ensuring that the ministry of the Cathedral to the Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough. The support of the Friends also ensures that the worship of Almighty God in this ancient place is truly to the glory of God. If you would like to be part of the Friends and help to ensure that Christ Church Cathedral can continue to be a witness to the presence of God in this city of Dublin as it has been for the last 1000 years, please join the Friends. Each Sunday after the 11.00am service, the Friends provide tea and coffee to the congregation in the crypt of the Cathedral. If you come along to the service, we would invite you to take the opportunity to join the Friends. The Friends members serving the coffee would be delighted to personally welcome you in becoming involved in the ongoing support the Friends give to the Cathedral community.

Photos from the recent Friends’ pilgrimage to Iona, June 2018


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A newsletter for the Friends is issued twice-yearly.

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An application form to join the friends will be available for download here soon.  In the meantime you can join by contacting the Honorary Membership Secretary by emailing or by phone +353 (0)87 790 6062 or by writing with your name and contact details to:

The Honorary Membership Secretary
The Friends of Christ Church Cathedral
The Chapter House
Christ Church Cathedral
Dublin 8

If you would prefer to make a donation, please follow this link.