Send a Prayer

Send a Prayer Card or a Prayer Bookmark to a Loved One

Would you like to let loved ones know that you are thinking about them and praying for them even though we need to keep our distance during this difficult time? We wanted to give you the opportunity to ‘send a prayer’ from Christ Church Cathedral and let them know you are close to them in spirit.

Order one of more Prayer Cards and/or Bookmarks and we will post them anywhere in the world in your name

You can order one or more small-sized prayer cards or prayer bookmarks (see samples below) and we can post them to one or more addresses, anywhere in the world. Each features a reproduction of one of our beautiful icons or other artwork within the cathedral on one side, with a prayer printed on the reverse (design may vary from those shown). The prayers will be sent in your name or the name of the person you wish them to be sent from.  You can have prayer cards and prayer bookmarks sent to up to three addresses per order and each will include a personalised letter from the Dean.

The cards and bookmarks cost €8.00 each, and postage worldwide is included.

You can order your prayer card and bookmarks here

(Note: Your Payment Card Statement will reference ‘My Top Tickets’)