History In The Making

The Cathedral is at an exciting moment in its long history at the heart of Dublin city. Just fifteen years shy of celebrating its millennium anniversary, Christ Church stands on an incredible platform of historic change. Its tower has stood tall watching while Dublin has established, evolved and emerged as a vibrant European city.  Its walls have witnessed ten centuries of Irish history.  But while its long history is to be celebrated, focus is now being given to its long future as the centrepiece of the city that has been built around it.

In 1610, the Cathedral was the thriving hub of a growing city (see Speed’s Map below). The Crypt, which now houses the historical treasures of the past, once hosted the bustling city market. With Dame Street not even built, the Cathedral provided a thoroughfare between Wine Tavern Street and High Street.

Speed's Map of Dublin 1610


So it is with great excitement we announce ambitious plans to develop and open up the Cathedral so that once again, it provides a pathway through our City. Plans include re-opening the magnificent Carriage Gates, and developing a transformational landscaping project that will encompass the grounds of the Cathedral and beyond. We hope you will join us in making history together.