Amna Walayat

Amna Walayat/Slave Ship

“History is written by the Victors” and “History is made up of fragments and absences. What is left out is as significant as included” (Walter Benjamin).

I became interested in studying colonisation and imperialism working on my post-graduate thesis at University College Cork in 2015. I was also looking at the recent migration into Europe fuelled by the war zones of more than one million people who fled their countries and undertook deadly journeys in overloaded rubber boats with the risks of fatalities and capsizing. My artwork reflects fragments from this history via symbolism in order to create a visual vocabulary. The exhibition gives me the opportunity to extend my art practice from two-dimensional to three-dimensional installation. I find myself leaping from one art form to another breaking my own boundaries and my conventions. Amna has an M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art, History, Theory and Criticism from UCC in 2015. She also has a Masters in Fine Arts, from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan in 2002. She worked as a curator and Programme Organiser with Pakistan National Council of the Arts and Alhamra Arts Council in Pakistan. Currently, she is a freelance artist, regularly participating in art exhibitions in Ireland and Pakistan. Her major interests in research and art practice are British India, colonialism, orientalism, imperialism, modern and contemporary art.

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