Antonio D’Souza

Antonio D’Souza/Head On

Antonio, born in Nairobi, Kenya, grew up in North London and now lives in Skerries, North County Dublin. His grandparents originally travelled to East Africa in the early 1900s from the once Portuguese colony, Goa in India. He trained as a 3D designer (BA Hons degree in Furniture and Product Design, Ravensbourne, London 1995). Since settling in Ireland in 2015 Antonio has exhibited his work locally and in Dublin. He is now focused on creating visual art that continues to fulfil his need to manipulate materials and value components that are often overlooked, hidden from sight or deemed useless.

Head On” Light projections

I create using gaskets. Gaskets are components sealing the junction between two surfaces, preventing the passage of liquids and gases. They are usually found inside the mechanics of various vehicles and are essential to how they function. They are made from cork, rubber, foam, graphite, paper, card, copper and stainless steel. I am fascinated with the aesthetic qualities of these components, particularly the muted colours and surface textures that are inherent in them.

My artwork is an exploration and an expression of my multiple identities, where the gaskets represent the fragmented parts of me, pieced together to depict portraits – “Gasket Heads”.

For this exhibition, the original art works have been inverted and digitalised and presented as light projections.