Muhammad Achour

Muhammad Achour/Heaven

Muhammad is a Syrian architect who believes that Art and Design are twin aims to make life better and more beautiful. He studied architecture in Aleppo, Syria graduating in 2007, and now works at DCU as a teaching assistant since he moved to Ireland in 2015. During his masters research at UCD in 2016 he fell in love with the idea of community engagement and the search for making better cities. He started then to advocate for this passion in engaging people in Art and Architecture within the local communities and refugee camps. He organised his first event during Dublin City University’s refugee week  by curating “the Syrian Architects Art and Design Exhibition” showcasing the work of graduate Syrian architects from Aleppo who completed their studies throughout the war.  He has founded a startup Irish Association: Places of ARcture which aims to form a network of artists, architects and educators, to curate exhibitions, events and seminars. He facilitated a children’s workshop “Play in Architecture”, teaching kids design principles through play. He also participated in the Intercultural day at Griffith Barrack’s National School through delivering a session about architecture for 6th grade class.

(The architectural drawings that make up this video were co-created by Muhammad Achour  together with M. Ali Albowshi).