Tomasz Madajczak

Tomasz Madajczak/The Touch of the Sea

‘The Touch of The Sea‘ is a new work, created in 2020 in the times of distress and pandemic. The work has very organically originated from the recognition of a place, presence and the experience which have naturally evolved from the isolation and social restrictions. The actions involve search for a deep connection with the surrounding environment while reacting to the here and now with awakening awareness. “What does it mean to surrender to this new moment, to be present in it? Longing to be part of it; Fearing it and yet becoming it. The touch of the water; The floating; A deep sense of groundlessness. Letting go of the known.” Our imagination gives us a possibility to be in any place which we choose in any way we are capable to imagine. It gives us possibility to change the reality which we experience and to influence it to an extent defined by our creativity and inner potential. ”Being flesh and bones, being water, being the floating existence between memories and now.”  Sea isn’t our natural habitat. Yet it is said that all the life on earth has originally started in the water. “The body, born out of water, knows.” “What comes back to land has been changed by the sea.“  By entering and connecting with the sea environment, we contrast the fragility of human existence with the beauty of the open space of the water element. The sea as all the other elements gives life and takes life. Therefor to find a moment of unity, to imagine a possibility to co exist with and within the existing elements is possible by creating mutual harmonious relationship. “Awareness is wider then it see’s and deeper then it sounds.” ‘The Touch of The Sea‘ was created in collaboration with Silke Michels.