Our Labyrinth at Christ Church Cathedral

We invite you to walk the labyrinth at Christ Church Cathedral.

A labyrinth is a way to enter a space of reflection and prayer. As you walk the labyrinth, we hope you feel a sense of peace and connection with God.

Labyrinths are closely associated with the concept of spiritual pilgrimage; that our life’s journey is one of discovery of God as the source of our being and of return to God, our true home.

Unlike a maze, the labyrinth’s single path twists and turns towards a centre point and returns by the same path to the entrance.The twists and turns represent the struggles of life and the journey of faith. The pilgrim follows the long path that eventually leads to the centre; a place of close communion with God’s Spirit and a direct experience of divine love.

You can use the labyrinth for prayer in a number of ways.

If you haven’t experienced walking the labyrinth before, please watch our video above to hear some prayers or check out some of these links for suggestions of how to pray.

The entrance to the labyrinth at Christ Church Cathedral is located on the eastern side of the stone plaza; nearest the steps down to the old Chapter House ruin.

We look forward to welcoming you as you walk the labyrinth.