Peregryne Compline, Saturday 1st November

Christ Church Cathedral is delighted to welcome back the stellar voices
of Peregryne, who will sing Compline to celebrate the Feast of All Saints
on Saturday 1st November at 5.30pm.


Peregryne is a small choral ensemble established in Vienna in 2009 that
specialises in late middle English repertory. Over the last five years, its
international membership has drawn together musicians from Ireland, England,
France, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Korea. The group has performed in Dublin,
Graz, Lucerne and Vienna and, more recently, has specialised in music of the
15th and 16th centuries, performed as part of the monastic office of Compline
in churches and cathedrals around Dublin. The name Peregryne, ultimately finds
its origins in the Latin ‘peregrinus’, meaning foreign or exotic, as the Irish
monks or â??peregrinatioâ?? must have appeared when wandering through medieval
Europe. Its cognate is the word â??pelegrimâ??, and today we are privileged to
continue a tradition of choral pilgrimage throughout Europe and beyond.

Service begins at 5.30pm sharp

All are welcome to attend.