New Edition: The Gospels in Iambic Verse!

Canon Bartlett has prepared a new set of Gospels in Iambic Verse, complete with new illustrations, for the new liturgical year (Year B) which begins with Advent Sunday on  Sunday 29 November.  The new booklet, together with the introductory booklet Meet the Apostles, is now available in the Cathedral shop, or on line at













The Gospels in Iambic Verse (Year B) presents the gospel reading for each Sunday and the chief holy days of the year in the form of rhymed iambic verse. It is well illustrated, with 28 original drawings by Canon Bartlett. Many of these present the gospel message in modern dress.


The booklet costs €15;  Canon Bartlett has donated the booklets to the Cathedral, and the full price of every copy sold goes to the Cathedral.