Retreat in the City

Christ Church Cathedral has held retreats where attendees get together to discuss topical issues in a spiritual environment. Retreats have been led by an experienced facilitator and included prayer sessions, time for reflection and social time.

Information on upcoming retreats will be shared on this page, but please also see our calendar, follow the cathedral on social media, and for queries contact ei.hcruhctsirhc@emoclew.

2022 Retreat

Maeve2022 Participant
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I really loved everything about the Retreat: from the very warm welcome to the delicious lunch. The programme was obviously very meticulously planned, a lovely mix with freedom to do your own thing. The small group of beautiful people added to the intimacy and was most conducive to feeling free to share.

‘Who will separate us from the love of Christ?’
Having passed St Brigid’s Day, the first day of spring, the retreat gave the opportunity to increase our awareness of the natural change of seasons as a means of focusing our attention and being present with one another and with God. The retreat included lectio divina, as well as other suggested exercises and reflections.


2020 Retreat

A Good Life, 7-9 February

What constitutes a good life? In our fast paced western society, a good life is measured by how much one produces. We are in danger of becoming human ‘doings’ rather than human beings. Our retreat leader, Ana Mullan, a qualified spiritual director, led the group through a series of reflections aimed at helping us consider our priorities, our use of time and how deeply we engage in the present moment.

Retreat in the City