Rev. Prof. Anne Lodge 6 August 2023

Canon Ginnie Kennerley 30 July 2023

Canon Prof Jim Lucey 16 July 2023

Canon Mary McAleese 11 June 2023

Rev. Prof. Anne Lodge 14 May 2023

Canon Ginnie Kennerley 7 May 2023 

Rev. Prof. Anne Lodge 5 March 2023

Rev Canon Lesley Robinson 29 January 2023

Margaret Daly-Denton 18 December 2022

Revd Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley 14 July 2022

Canon Prof Jim Lucey 3 July 2022

Revd Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley 19 June 2022

Dr Margaret Daly-Denton 22 May 2022

Canon Dr Mary McAleese 20 March 2022

Revd Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley 7 November 2021

Dr Margaret Daly-Denton 11 July 2021

Prof Jim Lucey4 July 2021

Dr Margaret Daly Denton24 January 2021

Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley6 December 2020

Dr Margaret Daly Denton11 November 2020

Canon Dr. Mary McAleese8 November 2020

Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley — 2 August 2020

Canon Professor Jim Lucey26 January 2020

The Revd Canon Dr John Bartlett – 19 January 2020

Dr Margaret Daly Denton1 December 2019

Canon Prof Jim Lucey3 November 2019

The Revd Abigail Sines22 September 2019

Canon Dr Mary McAleese1 September 2019

Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley — 28 July 2019

Canon Kevin Brew — 7th April 2019

The Very Revd Dermot Dunne – 4th November 2018

The Very Revd Dermot Dunne – 30th September 2018

The Revd Canon Dr John Bartlett – 5th August 2018

Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley – 29th July 2018

The Revd Kevin Brew – 15th July 2018

Dr Margaret Daly-Denton  21st January 2018

Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley 12th Oct 2017, Remembrance Sunday

The Very Revd Kelvin Holdsworth 29th October 2017

The Revd Abigail Sines 3rd September 2017

Dr Margaret Daly-Denton 20th August 2017

The Revd Abigail Sines 6th August 2017

The Revd Canon Dr John Bartlett Justice 16th July 2017

The Revd Canon Dr John Bartlett Sunday after Ascension Sunday 28th May 2017

Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley Rogation Sunday 21st May 2017

Christmas Eve Sermon Christmas Eve 2016

Dr Margaret Daly-Denton 7th August 2016

The Revd Abigail Sines 24th July 2016

The Revd Dr JR Bartlett 17th July 2016

Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley 12th June 2016

Dr M Daly-Denton  The Day of Pentecost 2016

The Revd Dr JR Bartlett 6th March 2016

Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley 1st November 2015

Dr Margaret Daly-Denton 16 August 2015

The Revd Dr JR Bartlett July 26th 2015

The Rev. David Moynan May 10th 2015

Richard Giles April 19th 2015

Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley March 22nd 2015

Dr Margaret Daly Denton The Fourth Sunday of Lent: March 15th 2015

The Revd Dr JR Bartlett Lent II: March 1st 2015

The Revd Dr JR Bartlett Advent Sermon: December 14th 2014

The Revd Dr JR Bartlett Advent Sermon: December 14th 2014